Board of Directors

2015 UQHA Board of Directors and Board Members (click on name to email)

UQHA President:    MARTY SIMPER  (801) 201-2601
UQHA Secretary:    Barbara Kane  (801) 755-0741

Red Horse Shoe

Show Division Vice President:    DIXIE SIMPER  (801) 556-3502
Show Division Secretary:    Nancy Mismash  (801) 577-5475

Show Division Board of Directors
Tammy Chipman
Ken Cochrane
Bob Migliori
Shamus Haws
Jacque Johnson
Mike Jung
Austin Junge
Nancy Martin
Nancy Mismash
Jim Montgomery
Carrie Ruiz
Red Horse Shoe

Race Division Vice President:
Race Division Secretary:    Jeannie Hullinger  (435) 623-7015

Race Division Board of Directors
Gloria Allen
Cody Allred
Steve Berry
Kevin Birrell
Sam Christensen
Charles Heaton
Chris Mitchell
Lindsay Nold
Chad Richard
Greg Torgerson
Korry Trapp
Casey Whitaker